Wabaism’s – Things to Live By

Every once in awhile you say something you like. Other times you say things over and over until people said, “yeah, yeah, we know.” These are mine. Some are original and some are stolen (I try to give credit as I remember).

“Reach for the full ones” (a drinking statement)

“People are like music, if you don’t like someone you aren’t listening to them the right way”

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon

“The only way to lead is by example”

“We don’t decide whose customer they are, the customer decides”

“If you say you can’t, you’re probably right” – Henry Ford

“The hardest thing for most people is to find out what they like to do”

“In Life, know where you want to go,
If its hard, know you will be better for it,
Realize you will be different when you get there,
and where you are going is not the same anymore either,
It’s not the goal that’s important but the pursuit of that goal,
Life is a journey, not a destination
– enjoy it by sharing it”

“We started parting ways when we met.”

“You can slice ’em, you can dice ’em, but you can’t stop the Stuntmeister” – Michael Madsen

“Don’t call me a faggot unless you are a friend” – Joe Jackson

“You may not like what I tell you, but you’ll get used to it.” Raymond Hanson