Waba’s Music Page

The music server is back up and running. I will be posting instructions on the You can connect to it here but I will need to email you the password. Directions on how to login via any browser can be found on the ‘Waba’s MusicCloud Server’ page (see the link on the right). Sorry, I haven’t updated the ‘What’s New’ for some time but check out the ‘Various Artists’ folder on the server – particularly the ‘What’s New’ folders.

Listening to music has changed with the dawning of the Internet. The recording industry continues to lag behind available technology. The radio continues to be the first source of music followed by television. But radio has grown stale, even my favorite station,WXRT in Chicago, pushes the latest crop of new artists from the labels. Videos? if you can find a channel that plays videos they are higher up the chain having the financial backing of the labels. I find myself watching more and more videos via the Internet.

But in this mature business model that overlays this particular form of art, how do you find new music that hasn’t been bleached and processed by the recording industry? You can’t rely on the radio. Keep your ears open, surf the web and share your love for music with others. They will turn you on as often as you turn them on.

Rock on!