We Need Historic Change

As we begin to see the biting winds of this economic whirlwind bear down on us we begin to cling to what is most important. Remember when I start my blog I said we do not want to see ‘historic’ changes – be it weather, economic or in our lives.

Ah, you caught it – sometimes ‘historic changes’ in our own lives are good – weddings, births, etc. and some are bad – deaths, accidents, etc. We want the good things and accept and grow around the bad things.

Of course we all want everyday to be 78 degrees, a slight breeze and sunny. But we take the rain, survive the cold and pray through the hurricanes. With the economy we take advantage of the good years, hunker down to weather the slow downs and tell stories of how bad it was during the last recession. Well, the times they are a changin’ – and they are changing in historic ways.

We are in another Vietnam with the Iraq War; we are trillions of dollars in debt; Wallstreet is sending our retirement years further away; and we are watching a recession (or depression?) develop before our eyes. These are historic events.

I am not a political person. I like technology, I like science, I like music. My friend Ralf is very current and much more politically aware then myself. Personally, I believe both major parties to be corrupt and a tragedy to democracy.

When W came on the scene Ralf said, “this guy is bad news.” My thought was, well of course he is, he’s a politician. I voted Libertarian, but Ralf was right. Our turn of the century Joe Six Pack with the White House address was pissing off foreign dignitaries repeatedly. We were beginning to see he really was just a regular guy and maybe he wasn’t presidential quality. Though when 9/11 happened, it was comforting to see ‘our father figure’ reflecting our anger and the injustice done to us as a nation. But then we again saw – he wasn’t presidential quality. The only way to lead is by example, and he led us into an unjustified war with Iraq and made-up WMD.

The next term Ralf begged me to vote against W. I could see we went to war under false pretenses. While I wasn’t a democrat, I could see Ralf was right – W couldn’t get another term. So I voted for John Kerry. And I was floored when W won a second term, many of us were. A month ago I saw a bump sticker that said “Jan 20, 2009 – The End of an Error.” Thank God for two term limits.

In this presidential election, we are faced with historic obstacles. Such obstacles demand a historic response. We need to elect the first Muslin president of these United States.   Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I find it incredible that there are people out there that a) still think Obama is Muslin and b) that it matters. Well, it matters as much as it would that he’s black.

As both candidate profess – we need a change. Logically, you must first decide, are you electing an individual that can actually cause change or are the presidential candidates merely figureheads in front of political machines? Personally, I believe the Bobblehead Theory – they will nod forever telling us yes to everything we want to hear. In this scenario, the only answer is to vote the Democratic party in and change the current machine that’s running. My personal plans is to vote out everyone who is in office or replace the previous party.

If you believe an individual truly can lead dispite their party affliation and think McCain is the Mavrick he proclaims to be, check out why William F. Buckley’s son Christopher, a long time Republican and until recently McCain supporter, is now supporting Obaman (thanks for the article Ralf). McCain has been very pointed with his critism of ACORN and “what may be one of the great voter frauds in history.” And there is some truth in that statement – some (thanks Jeff). And can anybody honestly say, Sara Palin was the best choice for VP from the Republicans? Especially when she doesn’t know what the vice president does (thanks Dave)?

Obama is currently ahead by 8 points, he has 277 electoral votes and now has reserved Grant Park in Chicago for his victory party. It appears we are on the verge of a historic presidential election. But before the Democrats get too full of themselves – realize once again our country is not run by one man, or woman. The current state of our country is more like thirty flaming bags of dogshit on the White House porch. And as much as Obama and the Democratic machine tries to stomp out those flames, there’s going to be dog shit everywhere. And believe me, its going to stink up more than just the White House. From what I heard, it was a historic turd Spot’s been taking for the last eight years.

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