Welcome to my first Blog

OK – this isn’t my first blog but my blog hosted at zilligen.com. this is a new blogging software called WordPress. I’m just beginning to play with it so come back later

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my first Blog

  1. Hey Waba. Welcome to interactive blogging! Hopefully this will make it tons easier to do some of that nice writing you do so well.  Also, check out the nice simple HTML source and the way they used CSS.

  2. Waba… Got your email. Just trying out my login id/pw. Looks like it works!

    Yesterday evening I just happened to be looking out the window at work around 5:45. The sky was blue with some fuzzy bunches of clouds, but just to the north, a dark gray squall line of clouds was rushing south. In a couple of minutes, it started to get really dark. Across the parking lot, I could see the pavement was already completely white and it was snowing hard. As it reached my building, I could hear the snow hitting the window. A very dramatic change within minutes. When I got to my car later, I scooped up a handful of snow from my windshield to show Jill. It really looked like styrofoam pellets and was very light. The weirdest snow I’ve ever seen.

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