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“Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Ronald Reagan

Normally, I’m fairly sensitive to people’s views on Politics but this one has me stumped. First, know I don’t like Republicans and I don’t like Democrats. I have voted independent for 5 of the last 7 presidential elections. It started with John Anderson in 1980 and continued with the Libertarians in the 90’s. If they had a Chaos party I would vote for them – the bottom line is both Republicans and Democrats are large cumbersome machines that have never represented my views. After all, you’re not electing a person, you’re electing a political machine.

Some say I’m throwing my vote away. Its my vote, I can do that. I’d rather write in ‘Mickey Mouse’ then endorse one of these shadowy imperialistic machines. I did vote Republican and Democrat once each. Republican for Ronald Reagan ’88 – a euphoric moment after I was married and didn’t want to ‘throw my vote away.’ Democratic for John Kerry in ’04 – and I was ashamed when I did it, your vote should not be used as a weapon but I couldn’t see four more years of our current ‘buddy’; hmm, I guess I did throw my vote away.

What I don’t understand is why this race is so close? To quote Ronald Reagan, “are you better off then you were four years ago?” Some seem genuinely surprised to hear that G.W. had the highest approval rating of any president. Of course, none are surprised when you say he has the lowest approval rating. I find it very interesting that dispite the fact we are ‘almost’ in a recession, the housing marketing is hitting 40 year lows, we’re in a generally unpopular war and the federal government has taken the historic move to take over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae yet McCain actually leads Obama in the polls.

Keep in mind, my perspective is that both parties are political machines and not to be trusted. Currently the Democrats are the lesser of the two evils. How does someone rationalize that the crew that took the boat into uncharted territories is the crew that can bring you back? Better the devil you know? Man, that’s been one helluva devil – these last 8 years. And things are ending on a low note.

I find it funny that McCain is the candidate for change. (No, Obama is the candidate for change, no McCain, Obama – Hey, didn’t I see this in a Bug Bunny cartoon?) One man doesn’t run the country so to be fair, you can’t blame Bush for all our problems. Yes, he pushed the war in Iraq but honestly, I don’t think he smart enough to push all the buttons. Again, you’re not electing a person you’re electing a machine. Part of Bush’s machine was Cheney and Rove. Theses parts are being replaced. Is McCain really going to completely change things? How many times are we heard that from the Chicago Bears? You can change the head coach but still have the same controlling owner, are you really getting a new team?

If you actually buy into the two party system and you actually want a change, I can’t see any other choice but Obama. If you want change but you can’t bring yourself to vote Democrate you’re living in fear and denial. You can’t begin a change if don’t change owners. Change is scary and it should be, but its also liberating. And if you don’t want change, hats off to you, you have more balls then I. And may you are better off now then you were four years ago.

Me? I’m waiting for a righteous shiny independent candidate to pop up out of nowhere in these last few weeks, more maybe Bob Barr, the Liberarian candidate. Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting here – sharpening my vote…