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Posted Thursday
Mar 17, 2016

9:11 am

Feed My Starving Children – Join Team Bethel April 21st

fmsc-logoIf you have not volunteered at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), please take advantage of this opportunity. Why? Because those who have relish the opportunity to do it again so available slots will fill up.

First, we are serving. We pack meals for children all over the world. We are making a difference in their lives.

It’s fun! Really – it is! We work in teams packing, sealing and boxing hundreds of meals that night. We will work with others from Bethel but also meet other volunteers from other communities in the northern suburbs of Chicago. We compete with other teams to pack the most meals. Some of us may work in the warehouse and support all the teams. But we all celebrate in the end when we tally up our totals.

So if you want to make a difference in someone’s life – volunteer. If you enjoy racing and competing with others – volunteer. If you want to fellowship with others being the hands and feet (and sweat!) of Jesus – volunteer.

So how do you volunteer? You can join Bethel’s FMSC team on Thursday, April 21st at 6:20 at FMSC’s Libertyville facility located at 742 East Park Avenue (Hwy 176), Libertyville, IL 60048 (behind Life Storage, use same parking entrance). Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can sit together. You can signup online here or you can use the signup sheet on the YFM board.

FMSC accepts donations. They also have a gift shop if you would like to donate that way as well.

Join Team Bethel TODAY!


Posted Thursday
Mar 10, 2016

7:08 am

Easter Breakfast – Join Us!

Join us as YFM prepares another Easter Breakfast. This year’s donations will be used to help 11 of Bethel’s youth and 4 adult leaders get to the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans. We are looking for helpers to setup (Saturday afternoon 04/26). We also need servers and cooks for early Easter morning and servers, cooks and clean-up crew for later Easter morning. The sign-up sheet is on the Hub.

Can’t get up that early? How about dropping off some breakfast pastries sometime before Saturday afternoon? We are also looking for Bacon and Orange Juice – grab a donation slip to see what we still need, also available on the Hub.

We are trying something new this year, we are asking breakfast diners to fill in forms so we can get a better idea on how many people to plan for. Forms are available – on the Hub (I bet you are getting the idea that there’s a lot of good information on The Hub – and you’re right!)

But what we really want is for you to join us to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. So whether you come after the Sunrise Service, after the 8:00 Early Service or before the 10:45 Late Service – we want to help you celebrate Easter with your families and the family at Bethel. See you Easter morning!

Posted Wednesday
Feb 10, 2016

9:18 am

Join YFM at Crave Gathering 2016!


Hello Jr and Sr High Schoolers! Sign-up for a ‘mini-Gathering’ at Trinity Lutheran Church Community Center in Roselle, IL on April 8-9. The Crave, as its called is an overnight event as we join a hundred or so young Christians in fun filled fellowship. Cost will be $50 per person. This includes the cost of admission, dinner Saturday night (not included with the admission fee) and transportation Friday night from Bethel to The Crave and back to Bethel Saturday night.

Check out Trinity Lutheran’s Facebook Event Page – looks like fun! So what are the plans? Check out this short list for the weekend so far!

Friday Night:

5:30pm Leave Bethel for Trinity Lutheran Church Community Center (arrive at 5:20 so we can organize and pack).
6:30pm Doors open at Trinity Community Center 233 East Maple in Roselle
7:00pm Worship begins. Theme: Legion. Our inner demons. Featuring the 2016 Gathering band, a powerful Drama skit, relevant videos, Speaker Bob Lenz and prayer stations.
10:00pm Worship ends.
10:30pm: After hours party at the Community Center.
Midnight Lights out! Separate sleeping areas for boys and girls.


7:30am Breakfast begins (provided by Gathering) Showers available 2 Blocks down at Trinity Lutheran Church
8:30am Doors open for worship
9:00pm Worship begins: Theme: Why am I so Alone? (Woman at the well). Featuring the 2016 Gathering band, Videos and a powerful message.
10:00pm Class Sessions.
11:00pm Class Sessions.
(Students and adults choose from a variety of topics for each session. Some will include Girls Only, Boys Only, a Bob Lenz taught class and more to come!)
12:30 Lunch provided by conference
1:00pm Head out for service project as a gathering group. Local project within walking distance.
4:15 Service project ends. Dinner on your own (each individual youth group)
5:45 Worship begins. Theme: Do you want to get well? Featuring the 2016 Gathering band, a drama, spoken word, small groups and more!
7:30 Worship ends. Doors open to public for concert
8:00pm Concert event! Included in the cost of the weekend. Band: 7eventh Time Down
10:00pm Gathering ends.
11:00pm Pickup from Bethel!

Parents must fill out and sign the Consent Form available here and drop payment off in the Bethel Church office by Wednesday, March 30th.

Posted Thursday
Jan 28, 2016

9:14 am

Parent’s Night Out! (for an early Valentine’s Day)

PNO021316The love of your life deserves your full attention – its Valentine’s Day weekend after all. But Life is complicated because kids can complicate Life. If only there was a way to go out for a couple of hours and rekindle that flame, that look you both used to have for each other. In other words, where can you dump the kids off? At Church!

Youth going to the National Youth Gathering will watch your kids for FREE on Saturday, February 13th! (but it would be nice if you gave them a donation to help them get to New Orleans. So it that free? you decide).

Bethel’s Youth will watch and entertain your kids while you and your spouse get reacquainted. So how does this work? First, fill-out a form for your kids available on the YFM bulletin board, or download here, so we know how many kids to plan for. Note – kids must be potty trained. Next, feed your kids then drop your kids off at Bethel Saturday February 13th at 5:45pm. Please leave your ICE information. The fun starts for your kids at 6:00 – games, activities, snacks and more!  Then – enjoy an evening out together – or just the new quietness at home.

At 9:00pm, feeling renewed and rejuvenated, pick-up your kids and be ready to pour them into their beds – they’ll be tired.

Again, donations are greatly appreciated. They will be used to help Bethel’s youth get to New Orleans this July for the National Youth Gathering. Contact Nichole Todd if you have any questions.


Posted Wednesday
Jan 6, 2016

8:25 am

Winter Jam Concert and Lock-In

YouTube Preview Image

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Posted Sunday
Dec 27, 2015

9:36 am

High School’s Progressive Dinner/White Elephant Exchange


One of our favorite events is the High School’s Youths Progressive Dinner. The years event will be on Sunday, January 24th, 2016. We will be leaving Bethel at 12:15. Please sign up on the YFM bulletin board!


The Progress dinner  is hosted by four families. The fun is that the families host only a part of the meal – in their homes – so guests must be driven from house to house. So there will be appetizers at the Zilligens, Soup and Salad at the Swansons, the Entree at Nuechterleins and Dessert at the Paulson. With 2 or 3 drivers we should be able to get everyone to each home, fellowshipping along the way.

At the last house (the Paulson’s this year) we will do our White Elephant exchange (follow the link for additional information or this link on where the name ‘White Elephant’ came frome). So – participates need to bring a wrapped White Elephant Gift which we will exchange at the last house (the Paulsons).

Posted Monday
Nov 16, 2015

5:11 pm

God’s Warmth: Love Inc. Servant Event

logo.web_On Sunday, December 6th, Bethel’s Jr. and Sr. High Schoolers will be helping Love, Inc. setup a Mobile Clothing Closet at Grace Missionary Church in Zion. We will meeting at Bethel at 1:30pm to go to Love, Inc’s – Waukegan site (don’t forget to eat lunch prior to coming!!) Once there, we will get directions on loading the delivery truck with the Mobile Clothing Closet donations, load the truck and deliver everything to Grace Missionary Church in Zion. If our packing skills are good (or if they don’t have too many clothes) we will be able to complete this is in one trip. There will be plenty for us to do if we can haul everything in one trip but we will be leaving by 5:00pm. Parents can pickup their kids at Bethel by 5:30pm. Please sign up on the YFM bulletin board’s “Love, Inc – Mobile Closet Setup” sign-up sheet so we can plan for transportation.


Posted Saturday
Oct 24, 2015

5:15 pm

Bethel’s 10th Annual Turkey Bowl!

For ten years Bethel’s Youth have given thanks to God in our own unique celebration – Bethel’s Annual Turkey Bowl. We gather our Jr. High and High Schoolers (from 6th grade to 12th) to try to knock down as many bowling pins as we can with frozen turkeys. This might seem a little strange but after your first Turkey Frame, you’ll never bring your old bowling ball again.

On Sunday November 22 at noon we will gather in the fellowship for lunch. We promise to be done by 2:00pm. Here’s the menu for lunch:

Loaded Potato Soup and crackers
Chips and snacks
Sausage cheese balls
Cookies (for dessert)

Once we finish lunch we will head down to the basement storage area to split into teams and bowl. Winners get bragging rights!

Adults – how can you help? We are looking for two frozen turkey breasts for bowling – the bigger the better! (we’ve learned whole turkeys can exceed the FTBL* limit of 16 lbs.) Look for our donation post-its for other items as well.

TurkeyBowl*-Frozen Turkey Bowling League

Posted Wednesday
Oct 14, 2015

9:59 pm

Nerf Night Returns!

nerfwarwebDue to popular demand, Bethel is bringing ‘Nerf Night’ back! on November 6th. Jr. Join us for a Lock-In Friday night November 6th at 7:00pm to play volleyball. The Lock-in starts at 9:00pm as we setup for the our Nerf Wars. This is open to 6th graders through High School! Bob Paulson and John Zilligen will run as many team campaigns as we can until 12:00am. We’ll grab some pizza between rounds. After the Nerf Wars we’ll settle down for the evening and watch a movie. We’ll be ready for pickup Saturday morning by 8:00am.

This event will cost $5 for pizza and soda. You will also need to bring will be a Nerf gun. We will supply basic Nerf darts so any basic Nerf gun will work. If you bring a ‘fancy Nerf gun’ you will have to bring your own darts. Please make your darts with your initials before you come.

We will use modified Paint Ball gaming rules and switch teams frequently. We’ll also try as many different types of games as we have time for. No rest for the righteous!

Please is sign-up on the YFM bulletin board or via Facebook. See you at the Nerf Wars!

Posted Wednesday
Sep 30, 2015

8:51 pm

Ultimate Chicken Players Wanted!!


High Schoolers! We’re getting the old Ultimate Chicken team together back again on October 18th at Zion Beach State Park! What?! you don’t know how to play Ultimate Chicken? Well, I can tell you its alot like Ultimate Frisbee except instead of those stupid flying discs you get to throw rubber chickens around! Doesn’t that sound like more fun? And of course the more the merrier so bring your friends.

We’ll meet at Bethel at 3:00pm Sunday October 18th. We’ll go out to Zion Beach State Park, setup an Ultimate Field, make some teams and play Ultimate Chicken. Maybe we’ll move to the beach with a smaller field or maybe we’ll even try those stupid disc thingies. I think they are called Frisbees.

After our games we’ll build a fire and have a few S’mores. Warm up with some Hot Chocolate and share The Word. If you have any ideas about future YFM events you’d like to see, let’s talk about them!

We will need to leave by 6:00pm (the park closes at sunset which will be at 6:05 that day) and will be back at Bethel at 6:20 (as google maps states) so lets say 6:30 because we all like round numbers. So if you didn’t drive to Bethel, have your parents pick you up then.

Try outs for the official Bethel Ultimate Chicken team will not be until this Spring so now is a good time to practice! Come join us!