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Preparing Disciples To Make Discples


3:09 am

Welcome to Bethel’s Youth and Family Ministry Page!

One of the hardest things you may ever do is walk into a church where you don’t know anyone…actually, it might be harder to walk into a church where you are surprised to find you ‘sort of’ know someone who is there.    Either way, you may wonder how you will be treated or be concerned that you won’t fit in.  At Bethel, we understand those feelings.  Our Youth and Family Ministry students and advisors promise to make your visit with us as un-stressful and comfortable as possible!  We promise to be friendly!  We are committed to helping you meet people, answer questions and get you where you want to go in our building.  So come on in!  Relax and begin your journey towards God or continue one you’ve already started without feeling weird or awkward.  Our goals are that you leave Bethel with a little more understanding of the Bible and Jesus’ love for you, that you felt welcome and have a desire to visit Bethel and our Youth and Family Ministry again soon.


9:03 pm

Puppet Video from 30 Hour Famine

Bethel’s Youth Group is proud to present our production of  “Don’t Climb The Tree” done by the participants of the 30 Hour Famine. Special thanks to Alex, Amy, Jason, Katy, Morgan, Tony and Chris. We hope you enjoy it

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1:01 am

God’s Cake

Here is the Bethel’s Youth in their first video production – ‘God’s Cake’

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